Steve Lupien

Executive Director

Steve is an executive processing over 30 years of cross-functional leadership experience in industry-diverse public private and NFP organizations spanning high technology, consumer packaged goods and business services.


Alanna Gombert


Alanna most recently was the Chief Revenue Officer of MetaX, a blockchain company focused on supply chain transparency and consensus mechanisms with the use of Token Curated Registries. Creator of the adChain registry and adToken. Previously GM, IAB Tech Lab. Omnicom Media Group, Conde Nast, Google, Admeld, Yahoo and Right Media.

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Jill Richmond


Jill has advisory and strategic communications experience with over a dozen high-profile blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Previous experience: US Congress, World Bank Group, UK Parliament, and several Democratic state and national political campaigns.

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Brent Cohen


Brent has experience bridging technology and politics. For over a decade, he produced ads for hundreds of political campaigns and built the first website for the RNC in 1994. He has gone on to build technology companies on both sides of the Pacific and led the $150 million WAX ICO in 2017.

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Brent Rethmeir

Steering Committee

Blain has deep experience in crypto/blockchain advising on quality projects for strategic communications and repetitional positioning. Previous experience: White House, DOJ, Congress.

Brittany Kaiser

Steering Committee

Brittany’s experience includes Trade Association Pathfinder Trade & Invest. European Parliament & United Nations lobbying. US Department of Commerce, Doughty Street Chambers, HRWF, Amnesty International and Obama HQ.

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Alan Cohn

Steering Committee

Alan counsels blockchain, cryptocurrency, and crypto-asset projects on a range of legal, regulatory, policy, and government-related issues. Previous experience: US Department of Homeland Security.

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Alex Lightman

Steering Committee

Alex has made significant contributions to the adoption of IPv6, and wrote the first book on 4G wireless broadband. He is an MIT Graduate and attended Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

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John Wise

Steering Committee

As Founder and CEO of LOCI, John brings more than 15 years of experience as a crew chief, data engineer and team manager of the top teams in American racing. He has extensive experience working with some of the largest patent holders in the industry as well as expertise in aerodynamic engineering.

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Marta Belcher

General Counsel

Marta Belcher is an attorney in Ropes & Gray's globally recognized intellectual property litigation practice, and a leader in the area of blockchain law. She represents blockchain companies and blockchain trade associations in matters related to intellectual property and public policy, as well as speaking about blockchain law around the world, including twice during the World Economic Forum in Davos and in European Parliament in Brussels. Marta was recognized by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyer awards for her pioneering work on the first blockchain-transferable software license.